Property Surveys in Fredericksburg, TX

Having a survey with the couple — Property Surveys in Fredericksburg, TX
For accurate and reliable property surveys, turn to Fredericksburg Titles, Inc.. Surveys give the acreage and dimension of property lines. They help determine the boundaries of the property.

Why Do You Need a Survey?

Surveys establish an accurate and reliable description of the property. Surveys are often requested to confirm the legal description of the property. Surveys also work to disclose any risks of the property suck as lack of established corners, adjoining property lines, encroachment, and other discrepancies.


Types of Surveys


Perimeter Survey

Perimeter surveys only show established boundary lines of the property. This type of survey is often times not sufficient for an "area and boundaries" amendment if needed.

Slab Survey

Slab surveys are conducted after the new construction slab has been poured. Slab surveys are often requested to confirm that the slab is within the property's boundary lines.


As-Built Survey

As-built surveys are conducted right after completed new construction. As-built surveys show the entire construction with improvements.


Blue-Line Survey

Blue-line surveys show the survey plat in a blue-ink form. The survey shows the surveyor's original depiction of the property.


Survey Terminology



Access is defined as the legal passage right connecting land to a public street or road.



Easement is defined as a passage right of crossing one property to get to another by a grant, reservation, agreement, prescription, or other necessary implication.


Encroachment is defined as a building, a structure, or any structural improvements that are partly or entirely intruding on another property.



Improvements are defined as building, structural, or other physical enhancements made to a property.