What are surveys?

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What are surveys?

On Schedule "B" of both the Owner's and Mortgagee's Title Policies there is an exception known as the "area and boundaries" or "survey" exception. If not amended, this exception excludes from coverage any problems of boundary definition or determination, location of improvement on the subject lot, or location of improvements on adjoining property. Examples include lack of established corners, which result in discrepancies when corners are later reestablished; conflicts between recorded descriptions of adjoining properties, which may result in boundary disputes; failure of the land description to cover all of the land bargained for at purchase, encroachment of the subject tract's improvements onto adjacent property; or protrusion of adjacent property's improvements onto the subject tract.

The "area and boundaries" exception in the policy reads "Any discrepancies, conflicts or shortages in area or boundary lines, or any encroachments or protrusions, or any overlapping of improvements." This exception can be amended to read "shortages in area" if the title company is furnished with a complete and current survey (in plat/map form with field notes when appropriate), performed and properly certified by a surveyor acceptable to the title company.

For an Owner's Title Policy, the amendment is available only upon payment of a 15% additional premium, calculated on the scheduled premium for policy amount.

For added emphasis, a reference to computer area in a policy will usually be qualified by the phrase "containing approximately" or "more or less'.

Any why are surveys important to the property owner?


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