Title Commitment in Fredericksburg, TX

Contract for the Title — Title Commitment in Fredericksburg, TX
Turn to Fredericksburg Titles, Inc. for title commitments. A title commitment is our promise to you that a title insurance policy will be issued after the property has been closed. Title commitments expire ninety days from the effective start date. All title commitments are separated into different sections called "schedules". Each schedule contains specific information and stipulations.

Schedule A

All proposed transaction information is listed in Schedule A of the title commitment. Schedule A includes the commitment date, policy information and amount, owner's interest in the property, and the property legal description.

Schedule B

The proposed coverage exceptions are included in Schedule B of the title commitment. Exceptions can be standard exceptions or special exceptions. It is common for standard exceptions to be in every title commitment. Special exceptions appear on a case-by-case basis regarding specific information for the individual property.

Standard exceptions include:
  • B-1 Restrictive Covenants
  • B-2 Area and Boundaries
  • B-3 Community Property
  • B-4 Water Rights
  • B-5 Ad Valorem Taxes
  • B-6 Terms of documents creating Insured interest
  • B-7 Homestead Construction
  • B-8 Subordinate Liens & Leases
  • Schedule B, item 9 sets out the specific exceptions from coverage affecting the proposed transaction.

Schedule C

Any requirements that must be met before a title policy can be issued is included in Schedule C. Requirements can be either standard requirements or additional requirements.


Schedule D

Schedule D discloses the ownership and offers of both the underwriter and agent, the estimated premium chargers, and any party receiving a portion of the premium for furnishing title evidence or closing the transaction.